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if man realy came from ape then why doesnt it happen now in the same way was there any mutations or what
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Man did not so much 'come from ape', rather it appears that we share common ancestors if you go back far enough in the fossil record. Natural selection continues today, but needs be studied on a scale where centuries are a blink of the eye.

If you are interested in the subject of HCV and evolution, this article is a good place to start.


It shows through the reverse engineering of genotypes how Man has coexisted with this virus for the last 100,000 years or so.
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It's an old article, but the 'family trees' of HCV  in figures 2 and 3 are kind of interesting and the discussion in the section 'Genotype Origins' answer some of the other questions that were posted here in the last few days on what makes for different genotypes.
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Another oldie but goodie that addresses differences in genotypes in Sec. 7.0 and the evolutionary importance of genotype in 6.0.


"HCV genotypes characteristically vary in length, with genotype 1 typically comprising 9030 to 9042 nucleotides, genotype 2 has 9099 and genotype 3 9063 nucleotides. The nucleotide insertions or deletions responsible for these genotype-specific differences are found within the E2 and NS5 portions of the genome "
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Thanks Desrt.:-)
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I'm a Creation believer so have no answers for you.  :>)
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