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healthy snacks??

imma snacker...lol ...what are some good snacks that i can munch on during the day besides the  normal "fruit".... im thinking pistachios (spelling?),maybe some rasins,

thinking about eating cereal in the morning with 2% milk or slim
and small snack
some kinda of salad (trying for low low carbs)
another snack
and maybe another snack

i know its a kinda sorta plan, but i been walking a mile and a half everyday , i dont really wanna lose to much , just tone a bit

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Carrots with a little dip, Crackers or the soy crisps yoghourt,chicken pieces. I have always believed that snacking is good if you are trying to lose weight,and as you exercise it will stop you feeling hungry,try climbing stairs and steps, I  kept toned up for many years by climbing steps, power walking is the best... trouble is though no one will go with you as you out speed them LOL The Dh said you may be trim but its sure not fun walking with you anymore ...
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lol my friend at school and i have started walking....during our "dinner break"(we go at night) we will walk for a good 45 mins which actually clocked out to be 1.4 miles...even up and down the parking garages with the inclines.....we just started and im going to the store today to get good snacks....need to trim up !...lol
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You go girl!! My youngest son is into the health deal. He lost 70lbs. since high school.
It seems like he eats all the time. He eats oatmeal,broiled chicken, veggies, and drinks just water. He eats small portions every 2hrs and worksout 3 times a week.

Your snack,.....how about "ants on a log". LOL  A stalk of celery about 3-4 inches with
peanut butter, and raisons.

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Ha Ha I must remember the ants on a log' cute and low tasty treat ...turkee walking up inclines is good exercise, eat plenty thats the key plenty of low cal stuff ,graze all the time as Crotchetya's boy is , the weight will fall off ....
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yougert vanilla make a parfait..I do it all the time yummy tablespoon vanilla yougert tablesppon berries of your choice,,1/4 cup yougert a different type berries tablespoon yougert..about an ounce of dried sm bits of granola its delicious.

popcorn is low cal,,,no butter,,try parmesain (sp grrr) cheese its very good
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unsalted nuts are great. Full of protein, so they help with the cravings. Also, plain yogurt, not the low or no fat, but the regular fat. and then theres munching on cheerios.
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