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hi :)

I need people to chat with on here! Im trying to lose weight and would appriciate some company :) Feel free to write or add me sometime! Austa!
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hi Austa  welcome , well I am also trying to lose a couple of pounds, I am watching my sugar and getting exercising a lot ...I never go shopping when I havent eaten as I would buy cake , I shop on a full stomach..I try to have snacks in like apples and carrots, and bits of low fat cheese.thing is my DH likes candy and his idea of a snack is a candy bar or cookies /chips ...so I am at risk ....lol
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I hear ya! ...I'm particularly dreading the upcoming holidays. And, right now I staring at a bowl of Halloween candy... lol. Hey, if you don't mind my asking, how much weight are you looking to lose?

Glad to be of support, "i"
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I am also trying to lose weight,I do 10 sessions a week at the gym because I need to lose about 50kg/110lbs,I've already lost 20kg/44lbs.It's hard work but worth it,I'm 48 and for the first time in years I can run.I also do weights and boxing plus lots of cardio.
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hi Brit well I am just walking my little legs off, one walk in the morning one at night, I dont weigh myself so I dont know how much I am losing, but my pants feel slacker round the waste, why is it we put it on round there and above ...
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The following is my personal experience:  

I found what worked best for me at a time when I needed to loose weight, was not eating past 5:30 P.M.  I could eat whatever I wanted throughout the day; as long as, I did not eat passed 5:30 P.M.  It was nothing I read or was told about.  It was just something I tried personally and found that it works without fail.....for "me".

A friend of mine asked me what my secret was to staying slim and yet not depriving myself of anything.  I told her that I don't keep it as a secret; but, that is what I do that works well for "me".  She tried it and found that it did work for her as well and pretty quickly at that.

Sometimes it's a bit difficult not eating past that time; however, in exchange, I'm enjoying not being deprived of the things I enjoy eating during the day (all I want).  On occassion, I certainly can eat passed 5:30 P.M. (holidays, going out to a late dinner, etc.) but, if I do that too often, then I will tend to gain weight back and quickly.

I'm not saying this will, or will not work for you, cause we all have individual needs of course.  The main thing is that however we choose to loose excess weight that we do so in a way that is healthy and appropriate for each of our individual needs and goals.

Blessings and pleasant thoughts to you.

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Hi I am also trying to lose weight, up to now I have lost 19lbs , I go to the gym 2/3 times aday. I try to eat three meals a day but it is hard for me wen Im working has I dont have a dinner break so I have to have my dinner @ 2.30pm , & I have my last meal @ 6.30pm / 7.00pm... for snacks I have fruit or go ahead biscuits .

@ xmas I am getting the wii fit board so for the days I dont go to the gym I can go on the wii,
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