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kids and video games???

how come when i was little i was outside ALL day playing tag, manhunt, swimming, skip it, jump rope, coloring my drive way with chalk, hop scotch, bike riding for hours, etc, or just getting in trouble OUTSIDE with my friends. i used to hate being in the house...you name it we did it outside... came inside to eat dinner and rushed right back outside until dark....

the kids these days just wanna play playstation, xbox, psp, nintendo ds or something like that ..seems like they are all so caught up on this new technology we have that they dont know what good fun is anymore!...

i never see kids outside playing anymore....nobody playing basketball.....nobody playing tag...no girls doing double dutch or hula hooping or playing with their cabage patch dolls lol... i miss yelling at the kids hiding behind my cars..come out come out where ever you are!....lol.

what happened to the good ol days?.....
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And this is why there is so much childhood obesity today, Technology is good, but its still up to parents to get the kids off the couch, Im with you the good ol days were great, im glad i had my youth in the era of outside play..
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yes me too.... yes thats so true i never even thought about it...and parents wonder why they have chubby childern......i guess i understand thats it is scary to just let your childern go outside and play but whats wrong with pullling up a lawn chair and watching them play ??.... i think parents got lazy too....lol
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I dont  mean to bash the parents but these children are given these values by someone ,arent they'? they are not born with a remote/game in their hand, a lot of times I feel that parents just want some peace and that TV and PC are doing the work for them, now dont get me wrong all these modern tech inventions are good, it seems that it takes a turn for the worst when children have no rules and put the games on as soon as they get in from school,  from my experience  children do better in life when Parents are in control, take an interest in school and learning, read books, sing songs, plenty of sports, when I came here I was delighted how many sports games American kids played. It is a known fact that children who have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD do well when a lot of ball games and outside activities are a main part of their life. So surely we can encompass the great modern inventions of today with the old ideas of participation and interest.,hey its good for big people too......    
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my brothers are 15 and their mother (my dads second wife) MAKES them stay inside all day. she doesn't trust them to play outside. yes they are 15. when they visit my dad (they're divorced) they fight with him when my dad tells them to go outside. they're up till 4 or 5 am and sleep till 4 or 5 pm.

kids are lazy. plain and simple. my kids do watch some tv. (we have a movie time at night before bed to relax) but when they get older there WILL be a time limit on video and computer games. there will be no 5 or 6 hours of playing games or browsing the internet.
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i am a girl, but i also played outside as long as i could, and all we had was a radio, we did not have tv, but i do not care much for it now so i think that i would have been outside anyway, yes the parents let the kids do as they want to, and some do it just to shut them up my mom did not allow any playing in the house, i enjoyed the outdoor things most i sure do miss it, as i am way to old for that now i do not see many children, but the ones i have seen want to sit right in front of the tv  jo
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good heather.... its just crazy that parents literally lock thier childern inside and SUPPLY the video games... this women at my job buys her daughter EVERY single SIMS game that comes out so she can sit at home and play it and not go outside cause she is too nervous.....what about getting her a reading book??....or a cd rom with educational stuff on it if anything.....these kids are too busy killing people, or playing football on the video games.....isnt the failure rate in schools up alot more then it was years ago??..... so thats more chubbier and uneducated childern because most of them are too fucused on getting home to play the game....and now they sit there and talk international with people in japan and stuff playing them....i bet they dont even know what hop scotch and jump ropes are.....its sad.
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yea jo and anything on tv any more is pretty much junk....i miss the good ol tom and jerry episodes!..teenage mutant ninja turtles.....i love lucy....the munsters!....and those good classics....lol wow tv was good back then.... now we got loads of reality tv shows...(even tho i dont mind those now when i have time inbetween work and college full time)
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keep up the good work college is a must anymore, and way to many people do not seem to care to go that far.  luck  jo
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my mom also did NOT allow playing in the house (unless it was a rainy day). tv was limited. my brother got to the point of defiance with watching tv (refusing to go outside, getting up in the middle of the night) she had the cable shut off. we got 4 channels. i didn't get cable again until i moved in with my roommates in college (that was 5 years later). my brother and i were involved in after school sports, church and what not. i swam, played soccer, softball, youth choir, i was my youth groups v.p, and so much more. now a days...you're lucky to get kids out of the darned house. there is a little park a few blocks from our house (we haven't taken the kids yet b/c of dh and i being sick) and there are NEVER kids there! i've seen kids out once or twice in the month we've been here. and it's a nice park. new play equipment, very clean, basketball hoops...everything. it blows my mind. if i was a kid i'd be there everyday.
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