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looking for some interest

Hi all, lately i have seen many posrt on religoud type questions, i am wondring how mand of our Mh family would like to have a forum just on religous type subjevts.. all would be welcome, i thinkg it woyld be good for all us to see the different typed of religion that is out theree, no matter of your christian , muslim . scienctolgy whatever .. i beleive and open discussion would be helpfull and interesting, in formative and educationsl.. now i dont how to get i new forum started but maybe if we got enough members behind it they wouls start it, and mosrt important all would be welcomes, and i would volunterr to bre one of the leaders of the community.. please give my any input , thoughts , suggestions and help on getting MH to start the new forum.. thanks for listening and thanks to all that hve suggestions or ideas...brian
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Hi Jolly,

I've seen discussions on this question/suggestion in the past. They have gotten pretty heated. I for one have enough stress in my life. There are two things I try to avoid discussing, religion and politics. I have seen friendships and family ties dissolve over religious and/or political disagreements.

I think at MH we often say, "Blessings" and "prayers" and we all know the other has faith. I draw comfort from those words. So how do you decide on the religious forum? What religion??? Do you think you can have all religious denominations under the same forum?? WOW, some computers will fly!!  There are plenty of religious forums out there. Is it appropriate for a medical based site to add a religious forum??

I love you all too much to begin a religious discussion or participate in a Religious Forum. Sorry Jolly, my vote is no.
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jollyman, I'd love to see something like this and I think it's actually been mentioned to MH before but the concern is that since there's so many different beliefs out there that people will start debating and fighting. As much as my faith means to me I'm just not sure this would work. The only way I could see it is if they had separate forums for each religion and that would just be too many.
I wish people could just all get along and respect each other but unfortunately it doesn't always happen that way.
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I saw the suggestion too, but it was turned down for fear of it sparking conflict.
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Unless we could just have it for prayer requests only? Just a place for people asking for prayer then others agreeing to pray or think of the person. That might work.
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Why not just call it Spirituality? I know I sure wouldn't come to a "religious" community. Spirituality covers it better..lol
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well thanks for your suggeestions and thoughts that subject wont be broched again...i understand what everyone is saying thats what i wanted your true feelings on the subjwct .. god bless all...brian
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I would have loved this!!!  I think it would be great.  I do think that there are some people who might not be able to respect others for their religious beliefs.  I for one respect everyones personal idea about God or religion.  I am open-minded to hearing what others believe and believe that we are all God's children no matter what we believe.  It comes down to respect.  I think it would be difficult for some people to deal with this - it probably would get heated like the political debates did.  But, I would have enjoyed such a forum and this it was a great idea!!!
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Uh, Jolly do you remember the political forum when we were talking about who we would vote for? I think MH would end up banning most of us for fighting.  I think it is best left between us and our God, whatever that for each of us. As for me and my house, We shall serve the L.ord Jesus tho.
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I think it would be a good place to post praise reports or to ask for prayer. We would not even necessarily have to respond; we could just pray and know we did. I myself love to hear stories about unexplained miracles. We could all then secretly give credit to our God, high power, or what ever we choose. I think it is so cool when someone beats the odds. There are so many negative things on the news; I know there has to be just as many positive things going on.
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You mean like the 155 people who just survived a plane crash today? They're calling that the miracle on the Hudson. I think we see little miracles every day. I think we just miss a lot.
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Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about and that is the first thing I thought when I heard about it. There is just no other way to explain that.
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They said people put their head down and started praying as they were crashing. As they say, there's no atheists in the fox holes, lol.
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I've had miracles happen in my own life and my loved ones, too. I did a journal a long time ago asking for peoples miracle stories. I should pull it back up again. It helps lift my spirits to look at stuff like that when I'm feeling down.
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I think it would be a great idea to have a separate forum where we could "post for prayers", for anyone who is sick, troubled or just in need of those extra prayers.
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Its also called 'Freedom "guys and if folks are doing good with prayer I say they should as April said be able to do so, I think we all need some help wherever it comes from. and whgat evfer we believe or dont believe.
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I changed my mind. I think we really need to do this. I think it would be interesting.
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Some people seem to be threatened by God or faith. I don't know why. I think it's sad. If we can lift someone's spirits or give them hope by praying for them, what's so wrong with that?
Sorry, I saw someone's journal who seems to feel threatened by God. I think it's sad. I think we can all get along and respect each other's beliefs. I wish I could tell that person how many people wrote to me saying how grateful they were I was praying, or how about the young man who was considering suicide and I talked to him about God and gave him hope again? He thanked me and said I really helped him so much.

I'm only saying those things because I've only seen so much good come from praying for each other. I've never seen anything bad come from it.

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