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medical transcription

just wondering if anyone out there knows anything about online medical transcription....

I work in a hospital doing transcription now, and I hate it... my boss makes me do all the work while she does nothing, and when i asked for a pay raise she laughed at me!!!! I could of just screamed!!

Also I work enough to be full time but she wont even give me full time status!!!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!
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whoops any other jobs around doubt she'll change so get looking around for somewhere you'll be appreciated .Have you told her how you feel ?
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Sounds like your boss is a real jerk and is taking advantage of the today's high unemployment.

Have you done a google search for employment for on-line transcriptionists? You might also want to check with your local community college, maybe they would have some insight.

Hope this helps, and good luck with that boss of yours.
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GOOD NEWS!! i spent the rest of that day plus the next day working on my resume and applying for other jobs from my computer at work, and apparently it bothered my boss just a little bit because when i came into work this morning she told me i got my raise!!

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There are jobs, but you have to be familiar with the AMA style guide, which you should purchase, as well as Stedman's medical dictionary. The AMA style guide is most important.

You need to have access to the RED BOOK, which is VERY expensive and comes out every six months. I believe it goes for $800 a copy, but some librarys have it. It had the names and phone contacts for all the people in medical advertising under contract to the drug companies. These are the people to whom you send your resume.

Most like you to come in in person, and many jobs are all night long (they end up on a rush schedule).

But, you got your raise so maybe you don't have to do this.
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CONGRATULATIONS!! Hope everything else works out for you as well there.

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