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not a lot of new posts!!why not??come on!!

Ask a question !! even if you think its stupid!! Well thats how ive gotten by LOL  
Ok i will start...
I like to play my favourite music loudly when i am doing housework ,it motivates me,improves my mood.So what motivates you to do housework?
Hey it would be nice to see more recent posts happening round here :-)
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Housework? hmmm, loud music is good or it is fun to turn on the television to soaps in every room and go at it! Or on days when I have to do it regardless of my mood, a shot of B vitamins gets me hoppin!
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What motivates me is when the husband gets the kids out of the house!!  I've gotten used to putting something away and seeing it back out 2 seconds later or cleaning one room, moving on to the next and hearing the kids back in the room I've just cleaned . . . destroying it again.  Even with rules in place for kiddie clean up time . . .  they sure can make a mess!  So I enjoy that hour of knowing the cleaning I've just done will stay that way . . . until they all get back home.  So I get as much done as possible while they are away.

I also have on mindless tv . . .  CNN or Fox . . .
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Well lets face it housework is endless and then someone comes along and mucks it all up again!! but when your kids leave home the and the mess goes away FORGET IT  LOL
they come back and visit and still make a mess!!
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nothing motivates me to do housework ..nothing ...I hear other folks enjoy it, not me ,,I would rather be outside in the sun,on the beach or here on MH ...now dont get me wrong I dont live entirely like a pig well not my version of a pig ..I do wisk a duster around and get a vacuum out once a week ...
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Hi Kitty!

Company coming usually motivates me.  I put on loud music too.
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Hey Margypops who said i liked doing it LOL

hi  jdwithhvc  i very rarely have visitors so just as well i have the music or nothing would get done..
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I am one of those weird people who love to clean..I do not need any special  reason to do it..It is theraputic in a way..Thats one of the great things that OCD can do for you...LOL

Got to have really loud music on while cleaning.....
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I am the same way! Blare the music so loud the neighbors can jam, no kids in the house and no DH helps as well!
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Lmao...Kity, you're wild!!! i use nothing....just bust out and start doin it.
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Am I really the only slob on MH ......
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When you get to over 45 you need motivation!! Me wild ?? I wish!! Wild in the mind and thats about it LOL
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Kick start your CD player and get rockin!!
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