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online college/courses

so i'm 23. i'm a mommy of twins. i've finally decided that i am ready to go back to college. problem is....i don't have time to be a "traditional" student. in other words.....no campus life and no classroom for me. being a sahm i just don't have the time. i'm with the boys from the time they wake up till they go to bed at night.

does anyone have any experience with online schools? or going to a major university (i.e. pitt, penn state, uga....etc etc etc) online?
if you do or have done the online schooling what was your opinion on it?
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did not cast a vote, I got to class in college however caution beware of someone line colleges, IMHO your best bet is to go to local community college, most have online classes,,the deal is you must go in 2 or 3 or 4 times per semester for in class testing..not so bad perhaps you couldmget a babysitter for those few times...most text books come wiith disks now they are a fab resourse for example my anatomy has one all vocab and definitions are on,,click and drag diagrams,,some silly yet fun learning games,,look into it let me know what ya think,,btw above mentione u of phoneix its the one of the few that is widely accepted,,,you gotta becareful many are borderline scams,,.Phoenix is not.
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I am doing online schooling with University of Phoenix and will be graduating in November and then will be go backing to school in December to work on my second degree. I enjoy it very much...let me know if you want more info and I can give you the name and number of my enrollment counselor
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