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really weird

I went to the mall today, to buy a Pink Floyd Cd my son figured he would enjoy more then me, but that's ok . At least he is listening toi good music. Anyways, i was looking around the store, and all theses new artist out the price is like $10 to 15 dollars. Well I bout Pink Floyd,"Aniamls" which was released in 1977. it cost me almost $20.00 ucks. Now my question is is our classic rock that much better , or is todays music just bad...I would love to here from the members and if i upset you oh well sorry
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Lol, well I guess I'm biased because I'd have to say our music was much better than the garbage they've got out now! I loved all of it from the 50's on through the 80's. I think we lost something somewhere along the way!
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I don't know. I like all kinds of music but its been a long time since a mainstream rock group was worth listening to so I would tend to lean towards yes on your answer.
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Myself I love the music from the 80's and earlier a whole lot better than the music out now. I think that that music has a lot better tone/beat and to me it seems a whole lot more enjoyable. When I turn the radio on, I always love to listen to classic rock and other oldies classics. I even enjoy listening to Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven.  
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having 3 teens and all their friends and having Guitar Hero I can tell you the teens of today love the 70 and 80s rock..look at Guitar hero,,,Aerosmith ,,Rock legends of the 80s..the origional is like metallica....my youngest son just discovered the beatles  he listens to them morning to night...Seen Robert Palmer on tv 2 nights ago,,,still rockin new band man he looks like ole enough to be my grandfather..the years of heavy partyn must of caught up....or is it just they are freakin....old...LOL
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I noticed that about Guitar Hero too! It's all 70's and 80's. Good stuff!
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I don`t know if you are talking about rock only but in general there is a lot of garbage out there, all synthetic with replacable singers and computerized instruments, not to mention mindless lyrics... but in most genres or eras I still find something that fascinates me.
I am almost old enough to remember Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, CCR, ACDC and so on but along came Nirvana, Finger Eleven, Radiohead and others that were/are a great continuation.

Of jazz I like the early 30s Swing best, of Classical mostly the East European composers, since the 80s I find the occasional gem somewhere between Pop, Rap and Grunge. If I had to chose music for long trips though, I might just settle for the fifties when singers still had authentic beautiful voices.
And then of course there is all the traditional music from other countries. When I have to work all night, I listen to Portuguese Fado or Japanese Shamisen music. And then again, the commute to and from work is best accompanied by Ramstein or Metallica... Sometimes the old rock reminds me too much of the years I have left behind, you know.
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I bought a USB turntable and broke out all the old vinyl for the 70's. I forgot about all the pops and cracks, lol, it adds to the experience. My 21 year old son was home when I got it and all he could say was "can you turn that down" I reminded him it was my house.
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I love guitar hero games too its the one game i can sit through and watch my DH play cus i can jam out and enjoy the songs lol!! The other games he plays im lik ok bang bang heard enough guns going bk to my pc now!! lol! but on your ? yeah i think so too there is alot of music i do like from now but there is also TONS more i like that is waaay older music!! I like all eras of music but being a 90's child that is one of my favs.!!
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Our classic rock is much better!  

Thanks for a thread that is not "what's your favorite"...whatever.  Those are so tiresome and every time I come on this forum there's is another one.

Its great that your son likes Pink Floyd.  While you're shopping better get a new copy of The Wall - I bet that will be next!
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Classic rock is just where it is at.  If you watch and listen to the "younger" kids and our music comes on they will complain about it but at the same time they are singing along!!!!  Good ole rock and roll will never die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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