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surfin with headphones on

i have had a really crappy day with dialuysis and all, so nothing on tv to watch and cant sleep. so i have been surfin around the net and put the headphones on and just been ina pink floyd kind of mood. i have listened to wish you were here, animals, trhe wall and now pulse the live cd. anyone else ever do this and jusy get into one band or performer and just kinda get lost with urself?? maybe its just a me thing but i have actully enjoyed myself and i think probably some zeppelin will be next.. let me know what you all think and if you say i am crazy or insanre i will understand...lol
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i always listen to tunes when online .well most of the time ,i listened to all the songs by 'The Cure' the other night ,they are a good band i say u might like them ,
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I actually thought you meant SURFING !! and i dont mean on the net LOL I play music everyday,yeah i have days where i need to play just one band or singer.Tonight is a Chris Isacc night,and maybe Richard Marks as well,I play to my moods,and tonight Im feeling a little solemn:(
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Jolly I cant clean my house with out the stereo blasting and me singing along,

Dont think I ever told you about the band;;David (12) plays drums Brandon (15) guitar electic, or acustic(sp) and my brother i law who used to be in a real bar band gave my kids all his shi  t, so my basements full of thousands of dollars in speakers and every kids who thinks they can play hangs out here. Honestly they are pretty good, they can do Stairway and Sweet Home Alabama best,
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I am a classical music freak, at least I was . do you find you listen all the time I seem to have times of listening and times when I dont at all for weeks.I watched Adre Riieu on TV the other night , I am not really into the Waltz but the cultural exchange from Vienna was wonderfully relaxing on my frayed nerves.
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