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wi-fi problem, help!

I bought a Nook e-reader and couldn't wait to read but I can't obtain a wi-fi connection with it, so now what? I know that others have had the same problem oes it mean that no e-reader will work here? We have cable here and two laptops with no problems. THANK YOU!
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Sometimes public libraries or Barnes & Noble have clinics ... you may want to call to see if you can speak with somebody who can help you connect your Nook.  
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I keep checking in to see if you got answers because we have a similar issue with an inherited laptop. All I keep hearing is it could either be a WiFi adapter issue (having none or the wrong one of 2 or 3 possible types) or it can be linked to firewall settings.

Hope you get good advice somewhere. You almost need a personal IT guru by your side these days.
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