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Time for a Garden Party

These are some of my small collectible items in the edge of the flower bed.  The table and chairs are craftsman styled furniture - and the pink items are like depression glass.  

I like using the small collectibles in setups even around the house.  
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I like this I do it aswell but mine is an open patio, at least at  this end of the garden, its very dry land where I live, I also have treasures, stones from the Indian wild life park, shells from the ocean,some brought from the Islands off Florida and sea glass..I even dragged some coral back with me ...I have plants around that are unusual aswell. I like your pic it appeals to me so does your garden .
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It's my husband's garden - I don't really do outdoors.  He has a lot of hosta - not an awful lot else will grow under the black walnut tree.  Oh, and the craftsman-style furniture doesn't stay outdoors, it has to stay in the living room.  I don't think I have ever seen another set like it and don't want it ruined in the weather.  
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