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Zoo photo I like

Here is one of the photos from our LA Zoo trip.  I took this through a chain link fence and it was really tricky getting the focus on the monkey but I think the effort was worth it.  My caption to this photo is "The secret to life my child is awesome facial hair and a good stick" -Wise Monkey
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They always look like an old man, don't they!  :-)  
You really captured those eyes - and, that is some 'awesome' hair - don't know if I've seen a monkey like that yet.  

My daughter loves that part of zoos the most - and ages ago mmmmm, maybe 16 years, when my grandson was about 15 months old - we visited the Toronto zoo - and, I thought we would never get those two out of that area.  She took loads of pics there.  
My favorites at that zoo were the polar bears - love watching their moves.    
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That is so cute! He does look like an old man! lol
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