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Free or Low Cost Prescriptions

Do you know of a web site for free or low cost meds?

A good one that I can think of is:       needymeds.com

This site enables you to download and print the application for your meds from the site.  The site will link you directly to the pharmaceutical company that makes your meds. Very easy to use...drop me a message if you need any help. Most of the companies will send your meds directly to you from 6months to a year in advance.  The process takes a few weeks to get started...but it really is that simple.

All you have to do is print out your application. Fill out the marked area for you the patient. Take it in to your doctor to fill out the rest and send it in. I suggest you make a copy just in case your application gets lost.

I have met patients that have had to make a decision to eat or take their meds. It should never be that way and shame on our system. Until we can get our stuff together and figure things out...programs like this can really help!

If you cannot afford your meds...PLEASE check out this web site: needymeds.com  

Note: There are web sites that claim to help you find low cost meds for a small price. Please BEWARE of those...you don't have to pay to apply for free prescription assistance and shouldn't have to!
I hope this helps!
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There are programs available in most cities that can help pay part, or all of your medications, insulins, and diabetic supplies as well.  You can contact your local Health Department for the listings of programs in your area. All these programs are income based, so an application, proof of income, past income tax forms, etc will be required to determine if you qualify. Your City's program coordinator will help you fill out the application, or fill it completely out, except for your signature, if needed.  

Also, a person can directly contact the drug companies that makes their medications  themselves by looking their numbers up on line.  If you don't know what company or companies makes your particular medication merely type in on your computer's web address browser-  What Pharmaceutical Company Makes (your medication's name). It will pull up a complete listing of every company that manufactures that particular medication.  Pick a company from the listing, type the name into your browser and click on their link, and you are ready to start saving.  Good Luck and God Bless.  
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