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Between you and your Doctor

A couple more states will be voting on Doctor/Patient Assisted Suicide this Nov. What are your feelings on the subject? It would be legal after getting a six-month or less to live px. Personally I do not have a problem with it. I was so grateful to have it for my father when his colon cancer became unbearable. His hospice team worked with the family and were so wonderful right through the end, letting my father pass on without pain or suffering with his dignity intact. It made a what could have been so unneccessarily tragic death, a peaceful  & tolerable experience for all of the family. How do you feel about it?
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Well, to each their own on this but I would never vote for it.  I could never ever do that to someone I loved.  No matter the circumstances.  And I've had some pretty rotten circumstances.  
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I'm for it....and if given opportunity would vote for it.

Quality of life is what is important at any stage of life.

What is wrong with lessening suffering as we face death?

Unnecessary to extend suffering and pain...makes it hard for the spirit to prepare to leave body.
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I totally agree with you !! Quality of life is not important to our health care system,
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there is a great documentary called 'how to die in oregon'.  highly suggest watching it.  you can find it on putlocker or netflix.  
i thought i would be against it, but after watching it i am all for it.  it is the patient's decision and it should be their right to choose to die on their terms.
i do not feel ANYONE should deny this to terminally ill patients.  i find it so selfish to not allow a family member the right to do so.
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i also do not feel there should be a time frame in which to make that decision.  if someone is fighting a horrible terminal illness that could drag on a lot longer than 6 months.  i say -- the minute someone is given that diagnosis they should be given the meds to have handy for when they are ready.  you have no idea how many people kill themselves anyway when facing such an illness.  may as well make it as comfortable and painless as possible.
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