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Demonstration for Genital Integrity at AIDS 2012 conference, Washington, DC

Further down is an announcement from an intactivist who, along with numbers of other US intactivists, asks you to attend the following demonstration (if you can attend) and to pass this announcement along to others who might be able or can indeed demonstrate at the Washington, DC conference, 22 to 27 July (see details below). I know you’re not aware of this but many American heavy promoters of and vigorous pushers of infant circumcision surgery — certain known US MDs, various known Jews, companies and US hospitals making lots of easy $$$ from this notable human rights violation, this crime inflicted on helpless, healthy baby boys — have been worried for some years now that the US public is becoming aware of this horrible, lifelong harmful, senseless, non-medical, non-therapeutic, unethical, contraindicated practice going on in US medicine for way over 100 years and that many couples/parents are rejecting infant circumcision by keeping their newborn sons INTACT, as girls and boys, women and men should be in life. These creeps pushing infant circumcision have been using the latest lie that infant circumcision prevents HIV/AIDS!! This has already been tried in the US and look at the disastrous outcome! A very high percentage of men who died from the results of AIDS were cut at birth, so infant circumcision didn’t protect them—> they’re now dead!! The creeps of course are using this lie to scare the US public and get couples/parents to have their sons tortured and sexually mutilated (“circumcised”) at birth. Babies don’t have sex. And remember this: It’s always wrong to cut off a normal, natural, healthy, functional part of someone’s body (a baby boy in this case) due to the dangerous, reckless behavior of an adult! [Incidentally, the creeps and various US “researchers” have been brainwashing the men and women in still intact nations in Africa, getting intact African men to undergo circumcision. Sadly, it’s working due to the massive propaganda machinery set in place by Americans, by foolish Bill Gates (who’s wasting a fortune to fund this sick campaign in Africa), and by the US Government’s PEPFAR, http://www.pepfar.gov    You can be certain that at the July AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, the pushers and promoters of infant circumcision will be very vocal spreading their lie and will be getting lots of attention from the US and world media.]

Here are the details for you and for friends:

Sunday 22 July 2012 – Friday 27 July 2012

Demonstration for Genital Integrity at AIDS 2012 conference

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

801 Mount Vernon Place NW, Washington, DC 20001


Please join us in educating the world about the harms of recent circumcision campaigns to “prevent” HIV – circumcision does NOT prevent HIV.  Recent pro-circumcision actions are violating human rights, harming children, squandering scarce resources, and distracting the world from more effective HIV prevention methods.  Please spread the word to friends, especially those close to DC.

Over 25,000 top policy makers, researchers and scientists will be in attendance, including the top people from the CDC, NIH and other influential US agencies.  Come remind them that it is NOT okay to circumcise minors in the name of “HIV prevention,” nor is it okay to coerce people into circumcision or give people false hope that getting circumcised will prevent them from getting HIV.

To learn more about the conference: www.aids2012.org

If you can attend the demonstration, contact intactivist David Wilson: 321-243-0178; ***@****


--> See this cartoon on this matter: http://bit.ly/Nmo3zs
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