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Dr. on crack

My gf was pregnant and had trouble with last delivery emergency c section so this Dr was best surgion he acted weird but we never could decide because we are 40 and this all hit us just wow but we kept seeing him in last 6 weeks she was throwing up everything ...everything yet getting huge gained 10lbs. three weeks in a row while holding nothing down Dr told her she was faking and had her by the end on 6 different nausea medications told her to take all of them went to hospital early he got angry sent us home and told her do not come back until her due date 2days later I forced her to go Dr didn't want to come nurse wouldn't let her leave forced Dr. In and baby was born with his intestines blocked in 2 places had to have 3 surgeries in his first 30 days and just got out of nicu after 68 days they are awsone people and he is healthy now she is a wreck last week Dr. Got arrested for possession of crack I'm a wreck what should we do he couldn't have stopped babies problem except he had already used the bathroom inside her and sat in it for a whil and breathed it in when born
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