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Drug test for Effexor & Minipress levels or no such test?

I have been taking effexor & minipress for several months, and then yesterday my psychiatrist ordered a urine test to "check my levels" of the medicine. I did not think anything of it, but my sister, who is a nurse in family practice, said there is no such thing as lab monitoring for either of these meds. She said these are not controlled substances and has never heard of a test to check levels of this kind of medicine. Has anyone else on here ever had such a test for these meds? Is it possible my doctor was really doing a drug test on me? I am not taking anything else but these two meds. I am fine if he drug-tested me, but I am confused if this is the case, why pretend he is testing levels of medication? And no, he was not testing my kidneys or anything like that. He said levels of medication in my system.
I am not sure if I asked in the correct forum; if I should post elsewhere, please let me know. Thanks.
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