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Guradianship & DCFS

I was given guardianship of my grandchildren just this morning. I received a call from DCFS telling my I was supposed to be at their court not the probate court( I do have an order telling me to appear in court today, so I went). The judge awarded me guardianship so  I speak with the social worker on my daughters case and she tells me that the judge at childrens court has ordered me to take a drug test, I was more than willing, but the lady at the place told me that she had to stay in the restroom with me and look between my legs and watch the urine come out.  Now hoe invasive is that I told the worker that it was a bit invasive and humiliating at the same time, and that after research, i found out that people on parole and probation have no rights and are subjected to that, well I'm not on parole or probation and for the humiliation i felt I couldn't do it. I was then told that DCFS was going to come an remove my grandchildren from my home.  I was never told by any judge to do this test it's just this worker saying the judge has ordered this. I want to know can they actually come in my home and take the children even though I was given guardianship this morning from the very court they told me to file the petition with three months ago.

Scared Granny
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Yes social works can do this. Ask her to produce the court order. In my opinion you should just take the test. For the sake of your grandchild i would not use this situation as your stand. I am not on probation nor parol either my my job requires me to do random tests the same way. I feel if you have nothing to hide then what does it really matter if another women is looking at you?
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Hi Granny, I. Really sorry you are going through this! It sounds like a nightmare! Plus that urine test does sound like it is invasive! I'm sorry but I don't know what to tell you! I'm not sure that this is the proper forum for your question! hang tight, and hopefully someone on here can tell you where you can find some help! Good luck!
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Little by little, day by day, we are treated more andl more like animals. What happened to dignity and privacy? You are right to be upset, but your virtuous objections will simply result in your losing your grandchildren. You can't afford that.
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Ask if they can do a blood test or hair test as another option.  I would ask to see the paperwork.
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Unfortunately, many people get "punished" for the dishonesty of a few people. I used to work in the medical field and we saw people do all kinds of things to try to "beat" a drug test; the worst I ever saw was someone putting their baby's urine in a condom and taping it to their leg to keep it at the correct temperature. It's amazing how far some people are willing to go.

At any rate, I believe they can do this, but if you're concerned, ask to see the paperwork ordering it. I hope everything works out for you and your grandchildren.
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Thank you for your response and I to have done drug tests for my employment and never have i been humiliated like that, and the tricky thing is there is NOT a court order.
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Thank you Wobby65 for your comment, I guess I"m a little bit naive, I just can't believe someone would use another's urine, that is so disgusting.  The social worker can't produce any paper work from the Judge, cause he never ordered a drug test, I'm learning more and more that this particular woman is trying to run her own show.  I've since spoken with her supervisor, and we're going to court next week, so that I can get my grandchildren back.  Thank you so much for sharing with me just how disgusting some people are when it comes to taking a drug test.  
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You're right allmymarbles, it did cost me my grandchildren, but I go to court next week, to get them back.  The court/judge never ordered a drug test, she was running her own show.
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