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I am functioning without meds

In 2008 I commented about my situation we are in 2012, still unemployed and without any responsible financial abilities to get medical attention.  I do not receive government services (e.g. welfare) I borrow money to cover expenses so I make no expense to get medical treatment.  In 2008, I mentioned my thyroid grew back, while in Colombia I had two analysis one with a doppler and the other ultra sound both indicated a thyroid had grown.  I informed the Colombian doctor to ensure it wasn't a tumor or cyst because depending on what he said is what I would do when I would return to the USA.  He didn't believe I had a total thyroid dectomy and held my medical records until he could get the USA medical records, my emails, my brother and relatives did everything to get copies I wasn't given my medical records but given the run around, then when I returned to the USA, I personally attempted to get my medical records to see the last notes to prove total thyroid dectomy, let's just say that after a year and personal visit I finally got my medical records a year later but by that time the records and recollection of the attending doctor in Colombia was too late.  He had not kept my records as at that time it wasn't a law to retain it as it is now.

Then I had some analysis done hear and whatever was seen in Colombia wasn't seen in the USA, the USA examination concluded i had no thyroid at all and had a total thyroid dectomy.  Long story short, I am alive functioning, skinny, young looking, female looking, feel great, I dance and have no unusual symptoms except that I do not take any medicine whatsoever and I have no thyroid.  It has been a little over 3 years without any meds and i have no hope in getting it without a perscription or any meidical attention.  I have refused medical attention because it would only make me worse, I can't afford it without income, and as a silent protest because the perscription laws nearly killed me, my mother, my grandmother and loved ones.  Sometimes you can have the money, but not the perscription in hand to get the meds that you may need immediately and if you are a diabetic it could mean life or death in minutes and at times it's faster to go to the pharmacist than to go to the emergency room and far cheaper, not even in third world countries do they have these absurd perscription laws that worsen people's health.  I knew one a person who was diabetic couldnt get a perscription in time and went blind by the time he was able to reach his doctor for that perscription the damage was irreparable. Allow me to also mention, I'm Catholic and had been praying to God while under treatment of Synthroid and eventually due to circumstances beyond my control that was a painful desperate situation that lasted several months that I never want to experience again I in desperation had to run immediately to Colombia where even without health insurance health care is accessible and there is no perscription requirement.  Not to mention doctors do suggest what meds to take but a patient can discuss with their doctor or pharmacist to use any meds that serve the same purpose unlike in the USA where you are bound to the brand name listed on the perscription so a patient in the USA is enslaved to a doctor and insurance company but in Colombia they are empowered to make their own decision.  While in Colombia I had not taken Synthroid because i couldn't get a flight in time before I ran out, now after so many years, I thank God I never took another pill again and I am alive and well and never have to go through that heart-ache again.  I also thank Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez whom I wish will one day become a saint a doctor who once lived whom I also prayed to.  Whatever my body is doing to compensate or to functiion is ok with me but i can't afford to get any thorough examinations done to see how I function without it or what's going on in my body to see if it's a miracle or not but to me no matter what it is definitely the answer to my prayers and always will be a miracle.

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I don't understand your point...... Is this a thyroid question or a rant against the American health system and the need for a prescription for certain medications?  

A diabetic who went blind waiting for treatment?  Coming from a family of diabetics, I know it takes a long time (many, many years) to go blind from diabetes, so maybe the person didn't seek help in a timely manner?

"I in desperation had to run immediately to Colombia where even without health insurance health care is accessible and there is no perscription (sic) requirement."  Prescription for what?  You said you didn't need thyroid med, even though you don't have a thyroid...........So was there something else?

Please explain what you're getting at, here...

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Dear Barb135,

Please do not feel it is a rant but a real life situation that should be considered.  I have plenty unanswered questions about my situation but not enough economic means to get the questions answered, this website is free medical advice.  Some doctors have been kind to not charge me to see me but have not provided any real answers; others who have charged me a low fee still to this day have not given to me my test results and medical records.  And in the USA where it is illegal to hold medical records from patients it has been difficult in two situations to get my medical records and I don't make a fuss because I won't have the economic means to sue for it.  One situation a doctor's staff said they don't retain records of patients after a specific number of years and the other doctor stated there is a fee to provide the records and I can't afford it when it's a fee per copy of page of my medical records so many pages is costly.
I have done some personal research prior to the removal of my thyroid and afterwards.  It was something important to consider life after no thyroid.  During recent years I have done research more in-depth on how the thyroid works and my situation.  I have read medical books, university student books, regular online research, medical and other related science journals; I have spoken with doctors who practiced medicine in countries like India, Cuba, Colombia, France, etc.  I have spoken with people with similar situations as me and others thyroid type medical situations.  With the aforementioned what I have concluded is that it is impossible to live without your thyroid without some hormone replacement therapy.  Again I am functioning several years later and have not to my knowledge seen any similar situation as mine.
Below is my comment about prescription and the law.
1. Obstructs right to live
2. Addiction
3. Obstructs freedom of choice
1. I presume you are not a doctor by your comment of it takes years for a Diabetic to go blind.  In the least case scenario it can takes seconds as the blood sugar levels changes liquids enters the eyes and if not treated in time depending on the severity the patient can go blind.  I know this because it was explained by an expert doctor who deals with diabetics and eye care.  Furthermore, I know this personally because I have met young wonderful people who did not deserve to go blind.  The reality is that in the case of a diabetic they do not always carry their insulin and syringe because not everything in life is possible to plan.  What if their normal errand takes longer than 30 minutes due to traffic jam of hours?  And they can easily get out of their car request a blood sugar test at their local pharmacy, a syringe and their insulin without a prescription.  Not only would that save their life, but it would avoid the congestion at the ER, it would alleviate paramedics and in some situations there aren’t enough of them.  It would prevent organ damage where every second counts.  It would also save money not only to the patient, to the taxpayers but to society as a whole.  Sometimes, it is quicker to go to your local pharmacy across the street than to a hospital that is a few miles away.  Not to mention when people are in an economic situation they think twice and often to their own detriment wait out the symptoms because of fear of the hospital or doctor bills that adds up and when dealing with severe diabetes it is very costly in daily live because it changes their whole lifestyle from food choices to simple care that would seem insignificant to us.  I know a man who had a simple cut that many of us have had but because he was a diabetic and didn’t have it checked out because it was tiny and insignificant and the cost to see a doctor was too expensive, he waited it out and small cut cost him his toe that was amputated.  It is nearly impossible i to believe that something so insignificant can be life threatening to a diabetic.
2. Prescriptions may have been put in place to stop drug abuse but it has not addressed that issue.  What it has done is created a problem, in an effort to prevent addiction it has killed many Americans daily, either by a slow death or instant death depending on the disease.  I have spoken with many medical staff, researchers, doctors…  In one such conversation with an ER nurse, she informed me the number one issue they faced was drug abuse but not of prescription drugs or illegal drugs but of over-the-counter medicine.  In conversations with volunteers in organizations that has helped people with all kinds of issues; I have learned that addictions are not just of drug form but of simple household items and the like.  For example, detergents, deodorants, glue, etc.  There is a simple reality to continue to make items illegal because of addictions is to punish a society and prevent it from progress.  Furthermore, it does not solve the problem.  The root cause of addiction has to be addressed and society should not pay the cost.  Imagine if we began to outlaw, glue, laundry detergents, bathroom cleaning detergents, glue, and who knows what else, then we could not fight off malicious bacteria and dangerous viruses if bleach and other such thing were outlawed, then we would have a serious health epidemic.  Imagine if we outlawed building materials such as special glues, then our houses wouldn’t survive a hurricane, or a simple rain storm.  
3. Prescriptions has obstructed freedom of choice and profited pharmaceutical manufacturers.  A patient is required by law to adhere to the prescription as written.  The doctor is their only authority over them, so if a pharmacist sees it and has another recommendation by their knowledge of the drugs, on the job experience and taking with people it cannot be considered.   If a patient reads in a medical journal or hears a documentary or speaks with a person who has the same disease and situation as them and learns about an alternative they cannot get the alternative so easily they would have to redo the whole process of calling the doctor, getting through their secretaries to reach the doctor, if the doctor is pleasant s/he  may not charge for a prescription by making them make an appointment to get a new prescription.  If the doctor disagrees and the patient has to spend more to go see another doctor who may agree with the alternative and give them another prescription but who can afford another doctor?  Not all insurances cover it and sometimes even if they do some people can’t afford to make co-payments each time depending on their illness.
The USA along with two other countries founded the United Nations.  Each time the USA signs an agreement they as a whole agree to the terms.  To my knowledge the USA signed the Optional Protocol to the Convention (United Nations: General Assembly:61 session).  Under item 67(b) Human Rights there is a part that deals with Disability.  Aside from this the USA has the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 both USA law and international law require the USA as a whole (i.e. including its states) to facilitate the needs of a disabled person.  And under the human rights law, to obstruct anyone the right to live by denying them access to life threatening treatment is a breach of law.  The USA maybe held accountable due to the breach of the laws by obstructing immediate access to medical resources (e.g. drugs) a person with a life threatening disability (disease, physical, etc), that can save a person’s life.
In conclusion, I would like to know is it possible by any research or case out there and please provide bibliography or a source where a person with a total thyroid dectonmy can live more than 3years without any hormone replacement that is what I want.  I want to see another case like mine to read about it.
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WOW  interesting thread.  

My post will be much shorter.      I decided not to take thryoid meds for about 3 -4 months because they honestly made me feel worse.   The result?   The pain got so bad in my thyroid i couldnt swallow and barely could breathe.   Hashimotos took over and destroyed it.  On Feb 16 I had to have the thing removed.  Now im in worse shape than ever.    

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Flight to Bogota $709.80. Visit to physician priceless.

I think that requiring licensed pilots to fly the airplanes restricts our freedom. It is clearly a conspiracy to increase the profits of the airlines. I think that any idiot with Google should be able to fly the plane. These laws clearly restrict our choice as we are forced to fly brand name airlines.
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Doctor Watters,

As a professional your comment seems to avoid answering the question and belitting a person who obviously is upset with a policy.  Maybe consider why I am upset with that policy, may you never witness nor be in the situation I have been.  With all respects, since you are a licensed doctor and I am not, you would be the best person to provide me with an answer.  Please let me know how many years can a person survive without taking any thyroid hormone replacement when they have absolutely no thyroid due to a thyroidectomy resulting from thyroid cancer.  And when you reply, please send me a source or bibliography of a published medical journal where it states that such survival is possible.  I am honest, my menstrual cycle has regulated, I have not physically deformed, I have had no breathing problems, I have not gone bald, suffered from fatigue or have had any weight gain, I suffer no pain, etc.  
Thank you.
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In India the incurable diseases ranks No1 in the cause list suicides.How do you explain it? Thank God.The Ts is alive and struggling for hale and hearty life.

We have a proverb as:
Buddhi,viveka,jnana bale/By virtue of intelligence,conscience and wisdom;

Marana jini para hele./You can conquer death.

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