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Largest Pill Size

Adding to another question I posted recently.....does anyone know what the largest prescription pill size is(the exact dimensions).  For example.....the exact size of Xanax 1mg is: 6 X 3(mm). There are many manufacturers and many different sizes of Xanax and this is just one of many.  Obviously there are much larger pills and thats what we need to find out: such as Oxycontin and Motrin, etc.  But, my friend and I are developing a device for a company and we need to know, specifically, what the largest prescription pill size is, with exact dimensions.  We've looked everywhere for this information and have come up empty.  Can anyone point us in the right direction?  
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You have to go to the current version of the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR), which will provide that information. You will find exactly what you want in that publication.

You can also locate the manufacturer and telephone or e-mail the product manager for the particular medication. They will be pleased to help you out.
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