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Do you think marijuana should be legalized?Why or why not?Just a curious question.
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Yes. It's a concept called individual freedom. Life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I don't use marijuana, however, certain laws, in the United States, are unconstitutional. Yeah, I know the supreme court has not ruled that, but nevertheless, it's true. Laws against driving under the influence of drugs are another thing entirely. Those are reasonable. The state does not have the moral authority to prevent a cancer patient from smoking marijuana. And the idea is inscribed in stone on the fifteen foot high stone statue of a Roman Gladiator with his hand on an unsheathed sword  in front of a courthouse in New York.

"The State shall use no force unless just laws are defied".
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The late Dr. Thomas Szasz (died Sept. 13, 2012), one of the founders of the libertarian movement, goes into the concept of drugs, laws and freedom in his many books, including "Szasz under Fire" and "The Myth of Mental Illness". Years ago I read two of his books, called him up at his office, and he spent three hours on the phone with me. All of his books dwell on this subject in one way or another and are good reads.
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