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Medical records

I requested today to get my medical records at the clinic I go to regularly. I'm in college so I'm under my mom's insurance for the time being. On the form I had to fill out, I was asked to place my home address which I did. I stated to the woman there twice that I don't want it mailed & that I want it in my hand right then and there.

She went upstairs, got me the print out of my labwork results as I had requested. I asked her again "so this isn't getting mailed to my house right?". She said "well no you wanted it in your hands, thats why I went up there and got it for you, we can mail it to you if you want though". I told her no, thanked her and left.

My question is, do clinics mail records to you regardless of whether you got them on hand or not?
I ask this because I'm on my mom's insurance but she opens my mail & she's really conservative so I don't want her to see my HVI & STD test results (they're all clear but she would get angry and ask me why am I even getting tested for them in the first place).
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I think that a lot of places would want to mail them to you, because they want to be able to look up and copy the records when they get around to it, not right then and there with you waiting.  Some places even have outside contractors who come in on a schedule and copy records to be sent out.  So in that sense, you are lucky that you got service on the spot.  But any doctor's office should be able to tell you whether they can copy the records while you wait or if they only do it later and then mail them out.  If they only want to mail your records to you, I think I might give them a self-addressed, stamped envelope with my name on it and the address of a trusted friend who would keep the mail, unopened, until I could pick it up.  You might also look into getting a PO box for privacy.  I have the smallest size PO box, and it costs, if I remember correctly, around $100 a year.
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No, they don't typically mail your records and also give you copies on the spot. I'm surprised you got them so fast, honestly. If you are over 18, and DONT have a form filled out stating they can contact your parents regarding any issue, your fine. I would look into it. Many also don't know, that when you say...switch doctors, or a specialist is asking for records and you may not want them all to be shared, you have the right to request exactly what you want sent to where. You just have to spell it out. For example: "please send all records to Dr so and so at such and such address, NOT INCLUDING any tests performed in office or sent to another facility for testing" this may raise some eyebrows, so usually "Please send a copy of ADHD evaluation, only" or "please send xrays done in years 2007-2009 for my left arm only please"  works just as fine.
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