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booted 4 neg test, that was supposed 2 B neg, advice needed.

Simply, I was terminated last week for a urine screen administered to me on Jan 24th. The results were negative. That's all it said. I'm assuming I was negative for my adderal, since the previous appointment I had for that RX, was on Dec 20, which would leave me out of Medicine when I came in the 24th. I only take one other controlled substance, being suboxone, which I've been on for years and without that, I wouldnt have made it in. Another Dr prescribes that anyway.

Were they that assumptive they didn't even look at my chart? Didn't care to do the math?

It blows my mind. These things can really affect ones future, and hurt someone's pride being labeled as such.
I am unsure who to contact regarding this issue, and want to contact someone who will take it seriously. I have had no problems with this place, usually go in on the 30th day, don't BS about anything, don't ask for my meds to be upped, its always standard, same thing. I'm also disabled and rely on this medication (I will manage to make it last if I must, I'm not a total idiot) and I just don't mess around with this type of thing. I'm drug and alcohol free, a 37yr old woman, and used to being tested most of my life. This has never happened, nor can I find anything on it also.

What would you do? Who would you talk to, and what would you say? Everything is documented here in Michigan, you don't get away with things in this state when it comes to pharmaceuticals. I have an ADHD evaluation on file with this place, I've passed all the other tests given, raise no flags, cause no problems. I get so upset I want to contact a lawyer, but I'm just being overactive and upset.

I'm hoping this can be solved simply, and feel it won't be solved at all. What happened to patients rights?
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