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drug test

Im in day report and im currently taking sudafed, nyquil,and afrin nasal spray.. And i had to take a drug test because im on home confiment and it came back positive for methinphedamin, and amphindamine, and i never took that drug before in my life they sent it to get checked by a lab and the also said it was positive for meth how is this possible when i never have did drugs before please help they are saying im going to jail over this thank you
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i believe that large does of afrin may cause a positive alcohol result, but there really is no explanation for the other findings.  ,did they test it right in front of you, ie urine?  
i smoke pall mall cigs and once i was tested and it showed a faint line (not really positive, but it made them question it) for marijuana.  that is a drug that i would never do.  always hated it.  i would demand a blood draw if you are positive you did nothing to cause the positive results because likely the lab will find the same thing as the immediate test.  do this asap
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lol.................  just noticed the date of your post.  oh well, maybe someone else looking for similar answer will find the info helpful
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