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More states are passing legislation on the use of marijuana for controling pain. I've never been a fan myself, (makes me eat everything in the house) but I just wondered about the people on MedHelp. Have you found that marijuana is effective for chronic pain? Do you know anyone else that says it has helped them?
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i must say it does help me ,after being on pain meds for 3 years just ha a spinal fusion ,got off the meds maybe too early but dont want to take them ,so smoking up does relax me to where im not in chronic pain,plus puts a smile on my face
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Yes. I have personal knowledge of several cancer patients who used marijuana while undergoing chemo and they felt it helped them very much.
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how about for other sorts of pain? not just cancer, is it as effective and does it always cause appetite increase and weight gain? seriously considering this in lieu of narcotics for chronic pain......just curious.
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It does not cause weight gain. As marijuana speeds up your matabolism, that's why you get "the munchies" also I've ate more then my stomach can hold and wake up the next morning, smaller in my stomach area then I am before eating a normal meal.
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