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Whats healthier?

Quick question which im sure MJ users know best.
I love and enjoy marijuana BUT i dont know what to smoke it from that is most best for health.
I disagree on pipes....their small and get dirty quick and you breath in a lot of the ash>.<
also idk if "blunts" as they call them are healthy in a way?
Bongs? vaporizers? papers? Let me know whats best.
Specially since im active i dont want to threaten my health over time because of the use of how to smoke it.
Also another question...When i do consume which is out of blunts and pipes, i get a clear or sometimes yellow mucus with black in it. I havent recently been smoking and its stopped....let me know if anyone else has this problem.

Love Patty<3
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i like the joint when wrapped in ciggarette paper is best
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Vaporizers are supposed to be the best, when using it you basically get nothing but pure THC.
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