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med marajuana better than pills

i am coming off percs right now and it has about killed me. but med mar is not legal in tn yet so what do you do. i have many medical problems and anything is better than pain pills if this is what it does to you coming off. it's all about money. wait till some of these politicians spouses get really sick them tell me what you think they would do. it grows i the ground god put it here!
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If medical marijuana is not legal in your state, you need to get to work!!  Go the the WAMM.org website. Valerie and Mike Corral worked really, really hard to get marijuana legalized for medicinal use in California--and I lived in Santa Cruz and worked in the legal system when this was going on. I did not at the time use marijuana, but started using it 10 years later and several states away when nothing else worked and the doctor was suggesting methadone.
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I am from mi and I am A med marijuana patient and I suffer from sever pain to I just went though the same thing except with methadone so I feel for you but marijuana only helps  with some of the pain so make sure you find a good non narc pain pill to help with the rest or you ll end up back on the perks Stay strong
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