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Advice for MSK stone control

I'm not here looking for advice, I have advice to share.

Having MSK disease and all the stones that go along with it, my stones were calcium oxalate stones. Once I cut out foods and most important drinks high in oxalate, my stones decreased greatly in occurrence. I cut out #1 orange juice (also oranges). #2 tea. And any other drinks high in oxalate. It wasn't the calcium as the problem creating stones, it was the oxalate.

But my big discovery, and after having been to dozens of urologist only the years, it was a new GP that mentions if I had ever taken a medicine called CYTRA-K CRYSTALS. I said never heard of it. CYTRA-K CRYSTALS is one of those old time treatments that you never hear of today because medicine tends to turn its back on simple treatments and apt for the high tech newer treatments. Take tetracycline for example. A great antibiotic, but today doctor never prescribe it. Why? Because it is cheap in cost. Farm animals are still treated with tetracycline but humans? Nope!

CYTRA-K CRYSTALS are a packet of pink stuff like kool-ade. One packet of CYTRA-K CRYSTALS is mixed with a glass of water and drank. It tastes kind of like pink lemonade and I hate pink lemonade so to me it tastes awful.
But what drinking water with one packet of CYTRA-K CRYSTALS mixed in does, is to rid the kidneys of deposits that sit there and form stones. CYTRA-K CRYSTALS really helps to clean out the kidneys and reduce stone formation.

The dosage is usually one glass of water with stirring in one packet of CYTRA-K CRYSTALS before meals.
But I could not take that. Too awful tasting.
So what I do is simply to take this dosage only once a week.
Once a week I mix a packet of CYTRA-K CRYSTALS in a large glass of water, drink it, then drink a second glass of water only as a chaser.
And both with cutting out drinks with oxalate and drinking the CYTRA-K CRYSTALS once a week, I have pretty much eliminated my kidney stone problem.
Now when I do have stones, it is only because I get lazy and eat-drink stuff with oxalate that I should have. Like in the fall I love Carmel apples and eat them a lot. But the Carmel seems to bring on the kidney stones. After a few weeks or a couple months of hitting the carmel apples, sure enough I will have stones.

But if I behave and avoid foods and drinks that have oxalate, and drink the CYTRA-K CRYSTALS, I have no stones for long periods of time. Months and months. And the stones that do form, are tiny little thinks like the grain of salt. Not those big pain causing stones.

In the past as a younger adult, I would have stones all the time. I have passed all of them. No treatment or surgery of any kind. But I had also discovered if I could get the doctor to prescribe me an antibiotic while I was feeling stones and having soreness, the antibiotics most always allowed the stone(s) to pass within 12 - 24 hours.
I told this to urologist after urologist and they claimed antibiotics could never pass a stone. But IT DID!
Time after time if I could only get the urologist to cooperate and give me 10 days of antibiotics, I always started passing stones within hours.

Like other with MSK, I have passed so many stones during the years that one urologist said he was going to save the stones and build a wall in back. Yes, I passed some incredible sized stones. Some as wide as my thumb.
Yes, that big.

But I ran across this MSK forum and wanted to share my advice.

Ask your doctor to try CYTRA-K CRYSTALS for stone control.
I found actual urologist were poo poo the idea of prescribing CYTRA-K CRYSTALS. And not one ever told me that CYTRA-K CRYSTALS existed.
It took my GP to prescribe CYTRA-K CRYSTALS. And its been three years now on CYTRA-K CRYSTALS once a week and I hardly ever have stones any more. Also, cutting out most all oxalate foods and drinks as best I can.

Passing stones are said to be the most painful experience one can go through.
So ask you doctor if you can try drinking the CYTRA-K CRYSTALS mix.
CYTRA-K CRYSTALS can interfere with other chemical balances in the body if drank too often.
So to start, if your doctor does give you CYTRA-K CRYSTALS to take, they will want to do blood work after a few weeks to make sure all is good. But since I only drink the CYTRA-K CRYSTALS mix once a week, chemical balance  issues has never been a problem.
I suppose if one drank CYTRA-K CRYSTALS before every meal, as is often prescribed, CYTRA-K CRYSTALS might be a problem and you would be asked to cut back on how often you are drinking CYTRA-K CRYSTALS.

You do need a doctor for CYTRA-K CRYSTALS. But it is very cheap. I get 60 packets for $10 with prescription from my GP doctor and I have not seen an actual urologist for 10 years.
My GP does all the testing and prescribing.
He does blood work with the yearly cholesterol check and that is it.
He is aware I only drink the CYTRA-K CRYSTALS mix once a week.
He says if that is working out, keep doing the same.

That is my advice. Ask your doctor about trying CYTRA-K CRYSTALS.
It is an old time treatment for reducing kidney stones, so don't be surprised if you find the doctor poo poo-ing the idea of CYTRA-K CRYSTALS. But it really does help reduce stones much.
And isn't that what its all about with having MSK disease? Reducing those painful stones?
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I've tried Urocit which I believe is similar in the US.  Couldn't tolerate it .. but it is very helpful for many from what I've heard. Glad it's helping for you!  Awesome!

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