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Any certain foods to avoid?

I don't know if I have kidney stones as of right now. I just had bloodwork yesterday to check my kidney function. I'm wondering if there is any certain foods to avoid that are hard on your kidneys.  Caffeine?
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I make stones all the time, but the foods I try and stay away from are:

-yes caffeine
-if you make oxalate stones-stay away from dark green leafy vegetables,chocolate,tea,nuts
-any kind of vitamins in excess amounts can give you stones
-if you make calcium stones do not stray away from calcium totally, just eat the norm, cutting it out totally can cause stones as well
-how I look at it, the darker it is whether drink or food, the harder the kidney works to metabolize it

I hope this helps you a little.  If I was to say drink a glass of tea, I always follow it with water to help wash it out of the kidney a little easier
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Thanks.  I'm a regular coffee drinker and lately coffee has been making me feel nauseous after drinking it. Don't really know what to make of that, but I think I'm going to start weaning myself off it.
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I love coffee,, and nuts and chocolate..boohoo!!

I did once, very successfully wean myself off full fat coffee and eventually got onto decaf...not without all the withdrawal symptoms though...now back on the full stuff again...

Shall we start a decaf diet together Eliza??

A very good friend of mine suggested replacing one cup of ordinary coffee a day with decaf, go on like this until you are back on decaf all together...sounds like a plan to me!!

Take care,
love Sam x
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