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Any recommendations for a doctor who helps with MSK in Maryland or surrounding area?

(urologist or nephrologist)
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I live in Bowie and I'm looking as well, thinking Hopkins will be the best but also wondering if NIH is doing anything with MSK. Have you had any luck find someone? I just got ahold of an ER CT report for hydronephrosis occuring after stent removal in Oct that that 2 Uros read a few months ago that states "possible medullary sponge disease."
I'm currently with Central MD seeing Dr Rodriguez for what I'd always thought was frequent stones, infections and musculoskeletal pain mimicking renal colic. Tomorrow is the 1st time I'll see him since since my last CT said possibility of MSK. Dr Rodriguez and everyone at his office didn't skip a beat giving me a new-patient, same-day apt late afternoon on a Friday to have a stent (that was just REplaced 3 days after first was removed) removed and new one placed bc of horrible care care from Anne Arundel Uro who I'd been with for years and never loved.
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