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Birth Control

I was diagnosed four years ago and have been struggling to find a birth control pill that will not cause flair ups. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Hmmm. I have not been able to take birth control because it makes me very nauseous.
I know a lot of them have changed but i have not tried to take in over 20 years.  I would like to talk to you though, since i am curious if MAYBE you have more the MSK going on. I find most of us with MSK and pain have other issues that are often missed.  Some of these common illnesses among us are more likely to cause painful flare ups.

Please explain to me here or in a private message, what your "flare ups" feel like and specifically list your symptoms and areas of pain etc.

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I'm pretty good about watching my diet and tracking what is causing the pain. They only changing issue (besides stress) is my birth control. I get severe back pain and get extremely tired when I have a flare up. I'm a business owner and a mother of two boys, so when I get the flare ups, they greatly affect my quality of life. Often the pain is so bad, over the counter pain medication is not enough. I'm 35 and have been basically told that I'll be put on medication for the disease when it gets "bad" or when the stones start breaking loose. Does this sound right? When I have the flare ups I often wonder if I'm not causing more damage and if I should be doing something more proactive besides just watching my diet.
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There are a lot of great articles and info on the pain and MSK, read through the health pages and pm me with your e-mail address for some articles  that might help!


What do the flare ups feel like where exactly is the pain?

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