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Causes of Kidney Pain

Haven't been on for awhile having a bad time with MSK pain just like everybody else.  Happened to see a post that said something about chronic kidney pain possibly being something other than pain from passing a stone.  I would really appreciate any information on what else could be causing the pain.  Even when I'm not passing a stone I have severe chronic pain in my right kidney only. I do have small stones in both kidneys but my left kidney never seems to cause me pain.  If it's not the stones causing the pain what else should I have my doctors looking for? Thanks for any help any of you can give me.
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Hi there, ive been told that my additional pain is residual pain. Almost as if my brain and nerves have been damaged from all of the trauma of stone passing x
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It is true that if your in constant pain too long the brain can set up nerve pathways .  If this is the cause then taking neurotic (sp), or Lyrica will Take care of the pain.  However for many of us, at least from my personal extensive research it appears many of us have a low level chronic infection Called a biofilm infection sets up with the calcifications within our kidneys.
Because they do not slough off in large enough  number to show up on standard test or cultures.  These low level infections cause
many issues including pressure build up, pain, nausea rtc.

If your read through some of the previous posts and the health pages here on med help , you  will find a great deal of info.  In the health pages is an article I wrote that explained the treatment protocols that we have  found
To treat the chronic unexplained  symptoms.  You can also send me a private message with  your e-mail address and I can send you some articles.

Hope that  helps!
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Hi.. Your post was so long ago. How have you guys been dealing with your pains.
I heard drinking celery water every day helps flush the water.
Hope to find you in Good health. <3
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