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Chandra Piedra?

Any one heard of Chandra Piedra and taken it with success? Apparently it is a natural stone-breaker and I would love to know that it has helped others with MSK.

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I'm not sure but ask your doctor for sure because some of us with MSK have calcifications and you really don't want an MSK calcification to break off ... just  thought to ask about.

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It has helped me. so far as I know it has broken up two 7mm stones that I had. One in each kidney. Since being dignoised with MSK I am taking it daily.
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From what I understand it can break up stones lower in the urinary system and help them pass but not the ones further up, it would also depend on what the stones are made of.

I have had some success disolving stones with Diathizide (prescription duretic) but can't tollerate the side effects due to a drug allergy. The best I've been able to do is drinking lots and changing to a low acid (low animal product) diet to slow formation. I have too many stones to count.
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