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Chronic low grade fevers

Is anyone else getting chronic daily low grade fevers?  I've been getting a fever every day about mid-day that last 2-4hrs that's anywhere from 99-101 degrees.  All other symptoms are the normal MSK symptoms...nothing else has changed, no one else in the house is sick...been going on for about a week now, but this isn't the first time this has happened.  This is an on and off symptom I keep having.  Anyone experiencing anything similar?  And I've been on antibiotics now for 10 days because of a kidney infection...not sure if it's still just linked to that or not, but I just finished those antibiotics today.
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Many of us have chronic low level fevers...,

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So it's just related to the constant infections?  
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I used to have them, too, with an undiagnosed UTI .. sometimes that happens, too.


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Yea thats exactly what it sounds like. Running a fever is an indication your body is trying to fight off some sort of infection. If you already have an infection then yea its very normal. Your body heats itself up in an attempt to kill whatever is harming your body (it'll heat itself up to the point your brain will basically boil and kill you if severe enough). So almost any time your running a temp thats a very good indication you have an infection somewhere. At least this is what i was taught in nursing school =). Hope it helps.
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Yes, I often run low-grade fevers (99-100). I'm not sick, it's just daily, chronic MSK pain. Sometimes I don't even have an infection when I have the fever.
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I have MSK too and i have had fevers chills, cronic pain cronic nausea, i have alot of questions aabout the disease cause i left my old doctor and still trying to find a new one...
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YES! It is defintly linked to the constant infections and the MSK. I get them all of the time too. The longe term antibotics should help with it. I think its another symptom though. At least it is for me.
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What type of antibiotics and at what type of dosage is typical for long-term maintenance?  We almost went that route and my UTI's went away ... for 2 yrs!  But now they are back and I bet next one, this topic will come up again with my doc.
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