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Diagnosed within the last 24 hrs information is wanted

My 19yr old step daughter was diagnosed with MSK and is in the hospital with a very bad infection. I have never heard of MSK before and I am looking for more information besides what I have read on some wiki and med websites. My main concern is misdiagnosis. Are there other problems or underlying diseases associated with MSK? How reliable is this diagnosis? What happens from here?
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Hi and Welcome!

MSK can come and go (the stones and infections, etc) or never ever have a symptom.  From what my Dr said there are so many people who have it and do not know they have it, that they cannot rely on statistics.  It may run in families but not definite on that either .. a lot of unknowns.

Many with MSK have kidney stones .. can be silent for years and then be active for years.  I passed many stones with UTI's as the worst, and recently had an obstruction and serious infection from an embedded stone.

Here is some more info put together by our members:

Health Pages MSK:  http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=185

MSK with stones
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