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Does MSK affect the digestive system too?

2 months ago, my 10-month old baby boy was diagnosed with MSK on both kidneys. His pedia nephrologist has placed him on low-dose antibiotics (Macrodontin) for UTI prophylaxis but despite that, his latest urinalysis result still show UTI. Aside from that, we noticed that he has recurrent diarrhea and a huge tummy. He seems to have issues digesting his food too (his breakfast gets pooped by lunch time). His pediatric GI has already cleared him, saying he has no digestive disorders and he will just outgrow his huge tummy (a clearance I'm not confident in, by the way). I have done good research and there was no direct link between MSK and his diarrhea, except maybe that UTI sometimes shows up as diarrhea. So my question is, has anyone of you experienced this duo problem too? And if so, what is the best way to manage MSK and the recurrent diarrhea? Theodore was born 3kls but at 10 months, he is only 6.8kls. Please help.

Thank you in advance!
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Hi, just saw your post.  How is your son doing?  Many of do find digestive issues when passing stones, etc.  I hope you get answers for your son.. Ten months old is the youngest I've seen, dealing with this condition since 2005 for me.

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