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Does anyone else have any of these other problems?

I have alot of issues, I'm wondering if some of them are related to my kidneys?  Does anyone else have any of these?
I have:

mitral valve prolapse
hypothroidism (dx after my 3rd baby, I have four kids)
pre-eclampsia w/ my 3rd and 4th pregnancies, wondering now if it was really pre-e and perhaps b/c of MSK
fibroids (had a hysterectomy 2 yrs ago)
abdominal hernia (repaired last summer)
severe IBS, alot better since giving up red meat and garlic
and now MSK

I am I the only one falling apart? Or could some of these things be related to my kidneys?
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No, I've fallen apart and made a complete recovery from an early stage melanoma, thyroid cancer in '07 and MSK with stones that is an ongoing challenge of good and bad times.  I have 4 kids, too ... my thyroid levels have been fine .. they found nodules on a routine exam and thus, my thyroid story began.  My MSK began with a huge raspberry like blood clot and sheer blood out of nowhere w/o warning .. that led to UTI not showing up but terrible symptoms and finally had an IVP w/contrast xray for the diagnosis.  I have also had 2 cystoscopes and high level urine tests to rule out bladder cancer cause the inflammatory cells in the kidneys showed up as atypical cells with microhematura on my urine test after test.  But I'm fine in that dept.

MSK with stones
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Grrr wrote this out and it deleted.  Many of us have multiple conditions along with MSK, I believe for two reasons.  First of all the metabolic issues that can go along with it.  This is why having a Vit D test, watching your blood work and 24 hour urine test are important.
However we found many of my issues only after a fasting test, then given a load of calcium etc. and see how my body responds. These showed many things I suspected but had not shown before!

The second reason is the host response to biofilm infections, see health pages for more info on biofilm infections and MSK.  The host response is the release of mast cells and histamine which have been connected to many autoimmune and difficult to treat illnesses.

So your not falling apart.. nor are you alone, but need to check into many of the connecting issues and balance what you can.

Hope that helps!
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