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I was just diagnosed in October with MSK. I was sent to a urologist in july of 07 after multiple treatments and recurring UTI's. At that time he performed a urinary diverticulotomy. Well in Nov. he performed a pyleoplasty on the left kidney. Well time rocked on and had stone removal and stent retrieval and was told to lose weight (320 lbs at this time). So in May of 08 I had gastric bypass, big mistake. After I lost 80 lbs or so I had a cat scan for the flank pain to confirm another stone, well this time I was told I had MSK. No 24 hr urine, no blood tests, nothing but the CT. Anyway I guess my question is should I find a kidney Dr. because I personally feel like a brisket and am tired of being cut on and lithotripsied. I am also wondering if low potassium is part of this disease.
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MSK is basically a birth defect in your collecting ducts.
This is a good newbie article on MSK, so it won't delete it I will have to put a space in there, remove the space to use the link:

Hope this helps answer you questions,
http://kidney.niddk.nih.gov/kudiseases/pubs/pdf/    MedullarySpongeKidney.pdf
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WELCOME to our community.  I am so so sorry you have having so many problems but you are in the right place.  Lots of veteran members here and newbies who are here to help you!

Not sure on the potassium, but Urocit  K many of us take who make calcium oxalate stones.  have they sent your stones out to see what kind they are?

A good Uro or a Nephro is the way to go and sometimes it takes a few to find the "right one".

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Welcome and sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Definitely try to get in with a neprologist if you can. They are more interested in preventing more stones and the overall health of your kidneys, where a uro is more able to deal witht structural problems and obstructions.
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