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Hi all,

Have any of you had your children checked out to see if they are at risk of having MSK, I ask this because my youngest son had Pyloric Stenosis as a baby and at the age of 5 1/2 I was told he had a 'hypotonic gait that was more so on the right' (he has Dyspraxia and Sensory Integration Disorder too).
After looking at co-morbids of MSK I was surprised to see that MSK and Pyloric Stenosis can be seen together along with Hemihypertrophy, as msk is not usually diagnosed until later in life I was wandering if as his parents we should be looking to get him tested.

What would you all do?....he often complains of stomach related issues, i just wander if there is a connection.

Take care,
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OK, even though most of that message was complete Greek to me, I do have an answer.

I DID have my oldest daughter checked for MSK after she had a bladder infection in high school.  Since she had just recently become sexually active, you can guess why she had the infection.  I warned her about it, but they never listen till it happens to them.

She did not have any signs of having MSK.  I was originally told by my first nephrologist, that MSK usually skips a generation.  I hope, for the sake of all of my decendents, that it skips ALL future generations.
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I have four kids and my Neph, told me it's not necessary at this time to have them checked.  She said if they get recurrent UTI's or kidney stones, then yes.
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I too was told that it is not worth having them checked at this point, unless they are
getting stones and infections.  My URO though also did recommend that they
drink lemon aid and take Vit. B-6 and Magnesium to help prevent the stones. Also getting them to force lots of water to keep things cleared out.

The key  with all of them but esp. with you son who is already having some problems is
to make sure that any infections, UTI's are treated completely and not just let
return.  Knowledge is a powerful tool in prevention!

I hope your son is doing better soon!

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My uro said no real studies to draw upon conclusively re genetics for MSK.  My mom, dad, and brother all have had kidney stones that landed ea. of them in the hospital.  Mine are small enough.  My mom does not know if she has MSK ... her neph took my history into account but I guess when you are in your 80's it doesn't make that much of difference cause you will treat the symptoms anyway.  My mom's are uric acid --- mine calcium oxalate.

BTW, my mom's last stone was 16yr ago and she got blood poisioning from it and almost died in the ICU .. was there for 11days.  She never knew it was a stone .. it was the size of a pea and caused no pain.  Just fever and vomting and she thought she had the flu.

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Wanted to mention that all 4 of my kids have GI issues, my 18yr old had her gallbladder removed a year ago and turned out to be malformed from birth, and my youngest son who now is 10 had a bowel resection at birth for a large duplication intestinal cyst he was born with.  All 4 have reflux issues .... mostly outgrown but still there.  And, 2 of the 4 have life threatening allergies and carry epi pens.

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Many thanks for your comments,

Sounds like we need not worry too much about the kids....thank goodness...they have other issues to deal with, both have ADHD and and eldest has Autism too.....(as well as other develpmental probs)

we'll just be observant of them....
It sounds like you all have had probs with your children too, (I hate the word problem, but I hope you know what I mean by that)..I hope that they all stay healthy and happy..

Thanks again,
Take care,
love Sam x
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