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Hi!  I am new to this site.  I have found you thanks to Cheryl.  My name is Colleen.  I believe I am ColleenJ on this site and perhaps some of you know me from the MSK support group on MSN.  My nickname there is/was cj40094.  Forgive me if I am not in the appropriate place to introduce myself as I am not yet familiar with this site.  I am 41 y/o and have been suffering with MSK for about ten years now... before that if I count before I knew what it was that caused me so much pain.  I hope to figure out how to effectively use and become an active member of this group.  Thank you very much.

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WELCOME to the MedHelp MSK Community!  You are in the right place to say hello!

This is a wonderful place to get, give, share advice and support to all of us with MSK.  I am so happy to see you here to help us build a wonderful community ... I view it as a fence .. we are building it post by post as we help one another.

There are wonderful resources to be found in our health pages, health topics (at the top of the page) our trackers (pain, kidney, water consumption , mood, sleep and 15 other ones) as well as notes, messages, profile pics, journals.

To customize your profile go to MyMedHelp.

I'll put together a "welcome message" as reference for us to become more familiar with our site for all of our friends new and old.

Again -- Welcome... I know you will be able to contribute so so much as you have had MSK for so long and I know you for many years and look forward to seeing you post.

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Hey, Collen welcome to medhelp board.  I agreed sometime ago to help Cheryl just keep this board open to help patients that might be falling through the cracks!  The heart of it is just to help patients.., I am glad you are on this board now too!!

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