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Has anybody developed kidney stones from Vitamin D3 supplements?

I am curious because I've been stone free with my MSK (medullary sponge kidney) for quite some time and have had 2 stones within 6 mos since starting otc Vit D3 versus prescription Vit D. I had severely low Vitamin D that after two years prescription is now managed with otc Vit D3 1,000 mg a day ... I recently passed a 4mm stone .. (which wasn't fun as you can imagine) and await it's analysis but it was 3/4's white and I am almost certain calcium based.

Was wondering your thoughts?  Am going to ask my my doc.  The ingredient in the D3 under other is calcium diphosphate .... sounds like added calcium to me which is a definite no-no since I make calcium based stones.

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My doc says no .. old thinking ... unless one takes too much Vitamin D.

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