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How msk cope with pain

Hi I am 31 and had msk for 8 years I am finding it very difficult to cope with the pain I have been put on mst and liquid morphine inbetween attacks I am still finding it a struggle how do you suffers cope I need someone to talk to much appricated
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I was diagnosed recently as well. I have an appt with a nephrologist February 12
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Ouch for you both .... I'm lucky that I don't have chronic pain (only with a stone passing) ... it would be great to share ideas to cope with the pain, etc.

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I can't seem to find a doctor to take me seriously.  I was just recently diagnosed!  I can't take the pain. It's ruining my life. I live in Tennessee.  Any advice please
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I am past desperate. I live in Westport NEW ZEALAND & was diagnosed with MSK 18yrs ago & have had kidney stones for 30yrs. my hosp & drs here took my pain relief & all treatment away 3yrs ago & I've lost 20kgs & been mainly bed-ridden ever since. I've lost my whole family as they all believe I'm lying about my pain & just feeling sorry for myself. I've been refused treatment including I've fluid in hosp here. I now do all renal colic & kidney stones with 5mg of diazepam. I've had a health & disability advocate fighting for me for 6 yrs & BULLER HOSPITAL & WEST COAST DISTRICT HEALTH BOARD refuse to treat me. Unfortunately NZ doesn't have any laws to help patients so don't know what to do anymore. I've experienced the frustration & terror of being told I'm not in pain & even with a stone passing never have blood in my urine. I do all my pain with NOTHING & I'm physically & mentally exhausted. Is there anyone on here that could send any documentation that I could take to a dr that might help me explain the inhumane suffering of living with this disease with only diazepam for pain? I've tried to take my own life 3 times in last 2yrs during bad bouts of pain as I can't live like this anymore.
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