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How to "catch" kidney stones

When I first started online with other MSK sufferers, they talked about the stones they "caught". I could not figure out how they did it, because I never could tell when a stone would leave my bladder.
I tried urinating in a cup and then pouring it through a mesh kitchen strainer(never to be used for food again!), then just urinating right into it the strainer. They were both awkward and I never bothered long enough to catch stones.
One day I was at the lab to get the jugs for a 24 hour urine and they gave me a "hat" to place in the toilet bowl under the seat. I found that if I urinated in the "hat" and slowly poured it out, the stones would stay in the "hat". Now I use a hat almost every time and that is how I collected so many stones the past couple of months.

Anyone else have any hints?
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BTW. A lab probably will give you one if you ask or you can purchase one at a medical supply store.
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The "hat" .. great idea!

My Uro said that if I bother to catch them, I'll be catching them my whole life and unless one is really felt to be "active" I don't need to catch them .. now my family doc had a hard time comprehending that, but I get it just fine LOL.

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My mother wants me to save them so she can make something with them. LOL She said a placemat or coaster by encasing them in resin or something.  
This is the same person that wants me to ask thefuneral director for the gold from her teeth and melt it to make jewelery to remember her by!  Weird, huh! Gotta love her!
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As for saving the stones, I guess if you are having problems being believed by your doctors or family members about the degree of pain you are in, a sample cup of stones brought to each visit may help.  I am going to my nephrologist today and am bringing them for the shock value. My uro thinks she is not doing enough to help me prevent the stones.
I know the cup of stones I have collected has made an impression on my kids attitude toward me when I am in pain. They seem more compassionate.
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Now, on the hats .. didn't somebody make patio lights out of old CD's and post it on the web LOL!    Let's see now ... what can we do with these hats other than melt them down for recycling LOL!

On the gold .........now, she may have a point there .. with the gold $$'s!

The stones ..... absolutely correct:  SHOCK AND AWE ... validation for all of us is so so imporant.  I don't know about you, but I hide the pain and don't let on unless I'm puking or cannot walk any longer :(

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She wants MY STONES! not the hats for her project! LOL
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I have the hat and the strainer the problem I have is with the iC I also ahve a lot of urgency sooo...
    forget to grab the stupid hat and strain it.  (If you ask your uro they will usually give you a strainer.)  honestly I have passed many but caught few.  I also hate carrying that stupid strainer in my purse in public!..., and then rinsing it in the sick in front of people etc,

Since i am on the go more then I like I pass more of them out then home so missed them....I have seen a few floating down,  My URO would love me to catch them.

Oh well not my gift.


Besides I have pain with the infection even without a stone, just thankfully not right now... since the surgery and antibiotics. and larger doses of Silverbiotics
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