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Is anyone else sick of passing constant stones :(

I know, I know..dumb question!  I am just so annoyed that I had litho like 3 months ago and I pass a stone or have symptoms every week atleast.  It gets to be very frustrating and now it is just a part of my every day life that I just accept the fact that I will have to waste days feeling like crap  :(   Just had to get that off my chest and I hope all of you are doing well and having a better day!
Thanks for listenin   :)
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The big question here is are they all stones showing up on x-rays etc.?  OR are you able to retrieve the stones so your sure stones are what is going on with you?

The reason I ask is so many of us have chronic stone like pain, that can make us feel like we are continually passing stones, when it maybe another issue.  Many of us do pass stones frequently so I am not doubting you but wanting to help if we can. Obviously, other then venting and pain medication,   there is little we can do to help with passing stones.

But as far as the chronic pain we are finding answers and treatments. Let me know so I know how to best answer you question,

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Hi kimmy, I completely understand what you're saying. I've got another stone waiting to pass. It's been a week now waiting for it. I have constant chronic pain as it is and now extra agony on top of it. I hate my life and my body at the moment. Sorry for the moan x
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Sadly constantly passing stones is one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of MSK,
on top of that we can have chronic renal colic pain that is caused not by stones but
by many other MSK related issues as well!  This makes the pain even harder to deal with, not to mention that many times are stones do not show up BUT THE PAIN IS VERY REAL!!

I ask my question not to in anyway deny your suffering, stones are horrible to live with but
to maybe offer some other treatment options if the pain was not caused by a stone in the ureter...,

hope you both feel better soon and so glad you here!

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I'm convinced Flomax helps in the passage of kidney stones. It's worth a try for you. I have had 8 episodes with a great deal of pain. The last 2 stones passed quickly and had much less pain vs. the previous ones due, at least in part, to the use of flomax at the onset of the pain.

Good luck. Passing stones is no fun!
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This is an old thread -- hoping those who posted will get an email reminder that there's new activity and stop by to post an update re their Medullary Sponge Kidney (MSK) issues!

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