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Just diagnosed with MSK

I have so many questions that I am now thinking of, a couple days after being diagnosed.
First of all some general information:
I am 19, I first developed UTI/Kidney Stone symptoms about a year ago and had some very painful episodes about once a month at least, for 6 months straight.  I finally got a CT scan done and then I was diagnosed with sponge kidney.  He didn't tell me if it was just one or both kidneys, I wasn't even thinking to ask that question.  Can it be just one, or is it always both?  My urologist also said that my back and flank pain probably isn't related to MSK but other people on here complain about the same issue. I'm pretty sure I also have IBS but I haven't been professionally diagnosed though, it is a pretty self explanatory disease and I know what causes flare ups in my IBS. Have any of you found a change in diet that really helps prevent kidney stones or flare ups?  Will this get worse as I get older?  Is there any chance that I will develop other small cysts in other areas now?  Is it still OK to take fiber, probiotics, vitamins, and birth control?  Is it OK to drink alcohol?  I'm sure I will keep thinking of more questions as the days grow but these are all at the top of my head right now.  
THANK YOU to ANYONE that can help answer these questions to the best of your ability.  I guess I'm freaking out a little bit, just because I have flank and back pain almost every day (not excruciating but dull and achy), and I'm worried that it could get worse and lead to something else.
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Hi and welcome!

Here's a link to our health pages which has a ton of info put together by our members. http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=185

Alcohol leads to dehydration and can be bad for kidneys as I understand, UTI happens often with us MSKers, Be careful with Vitamin D and Calcium .. especialy if you produce calcium oxalate stones.

A good Urologist or Nephrologist can help you manage your MSK.  Am glad you have a diagnosis, and glad you found us!

MSK with stones
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