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Kidney stones for past 6 years

I have multiple stones in both kidneys, doctors just say my body is a stone making machine and always run urine on me and sometimes its full of protein and sometimes it has microscopic blood and sometimes visible, and just ever so often it has a bit of an infection but rarely.  I have pain all the time on my left sid emore than right, sharp stabbing sometimes in the bladder and sometimes just ripping down side and into hip for hours or days or weeks.  I also do not have periods, I am a 27 year old female...and i have acne at times and facial hair growth and ever so often hair growth on stomach...My periods do not occur with out a medicine to start them, I cant take birth control of any form..it causes me to form multiple stones daily...a glass of darkcola or coffee puts me into pain with in minutesof drinking.  I dont know if MSK is what I have or not....but if I put my issues out there maybe someone can help me with a diagnosis or something I can bring up with my doctor and hope that that can help me get better...  I was also diagnosed this year with Lyme Disease and I am suppose to be on antibiotic therapy but its so hard to take pills when you are having pain that makes you nauseous....   Any guidance would be great!!  Thanks so much!!
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Hi and welcome . here is a super link to our health pages .. put together by our members ... it may help you with some info to take to your doctor, etc.

Also, many of us make calcium oxalate stones so staying away from cola, tea, etc. is helpful.  I cannot drink too much fruit juice or red meat .. each of us is different, yet many are alike


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ah my uroligist told me I was special too, how man stones I have in both kidneys and how fast they grow.  Hate the 7 to 8mm ones yikes those ballon the kidney (usually the left one).  you sound like you also have polycystic ovarian disease (blood test will show that), have that too and even with the hysterecty with one left over ovary and of course peri menopause doesn't help.  I too was wondering since the kideny has the adrelan gland if that messes the hormones more.  Views:
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