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Hello Everyone,
I am an otherwise healthy 32 yo Female. I was diagnosed with MSK/Nephrocalcinosis in 2006 with my first stone blockage. I went 8 years with no issues and figured it was mostly a benign condition. My recent problems started in Nov of 2014 with stone blockages bilateral. I had shock wave lithotripsy which was unsuccessful and went on to have laser lithotripsy on both sides and 3 months of stents. Was hit again in Aug of 15. Passed a huge painful stone at home and was afterwards hospitalized for terrible kidney infection. Sep of 15, two more stone blockages. Stents for 6 weeks at end of pregnancy and bilateral laser lithotripsy. Now have another left side blockage, stent in place, and am scheduling lithotripsy. Was told during my latest hospitalization that my kidneys are "full of calcification". This has become a huge problem in my life. I work full time with 6 children and have a business on the side. Finding myself constantly in the hospital or surgeries is awful. I am very worried about my future but haven't been given many answers. How can my body keep going through this? What are the odds of renal failure? If I'm this young, how can I expect to go through this for decades? I fear at the least some kind of damage to my ureters which have been through so much already? Would a nephrologist offer some more help, I've only seen Urologists as of now..I just did a 48 hour urine collection so maybe can get some answers, but even if we can prevent future stones, I have so many (was told "hundreds", "will never be stone free") already in the kidneys. I was prescribed Potassium Citrate in Nov of 14, told I need a low oxalate diet, and drink lots of fluids, but that hasn't helped much. Any input or what anyone has learned from their Doctors would be so appreciated. Thank you!
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It's really hard to predict.  I went FIVE years with no symptoms and then two uterolithotripsies each year following and then quiet again.  Not to mention the UTI's!
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