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MSK and Cysts

Hi there,
New here and although I have a long history of stones, I'm in Ontario Canada.  

I was finally diagnosed with MSK about a year ago.  My radiologist is now questioning the look of cysts.  Should I be concerned about this? I'm scheduled for a dye-CT and it appears to be booked rather quickly.  Just wondering if anyone with MSK has experienced this.  Thanks.
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Many with MSK have cysts which tend to be okay unless they are very large or appearance is concerning to the radiologist, etc.  Did you find out any more info rom your tests?  Good luck - please keep up posted

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Hi there .. how did your testing go? Are the cysts you describe kidney cysts or other types of cysts?
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I also have msk and pass stones frequently . I also have cysts on my kidneys . They say that there is nothing to be concerned about . I have been dealing with this for 20 plus years now.  Also in Ontario
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