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MSK and Fatigue

Do you know if a link has been established between Medullary Sponge Kidney and fatigue?  I have both MSK and chronic fatigue, and I have seen a few people mention exhaustion in the MSK threads.  It seems plausible, given that MSK reduces kidney functioning.  Any info would be appreciated!
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The connection we see is MSK & various illness.  I have interstitial Cystitis and Pelvic Congestion syndrome.  From my research I believe the reason for this is a biofilm infection that sets up within the calcifications.  The host response according to
"Medical Biofilms" is a release in mast cells and histime which cause multiple autoimmune diseases.

There is more info here on the Health pages on this, as well as on our website for IC
www.moarkic.com.  There is a menu item for MSK, that has an article etc. and a link back to here for the forum as well!

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Hi .. I have a community leader friend who I am going to invite to read your thread.  She has CFS and has a tremendous am't of knowledge.  I get very fatigued when there is a low lying infection going on and it escalates when the infection gets worse and/or when I'm passing a stone or group of stones/ gravel.


WELCOME to the commuity!
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